Learning Made Easy

Light Ten, a play on the inspirational word "enlighten", was formed to help businesses design meaningful learning solutions that save our clients both time and money. You want your learning to be engaging, fun, and effective. We get it. But you also need it to be convenient and cost-effective, right? Well, we have good news for you. Light-Ten's digital learning solutions offer a proven way to make both your learners - and your wallet - happy.

Don't get us wrong. In-person training has its place. We agree that online learning will never completely replace in-person interactions. However, research is showing that in many cases online learning is an effective alternative to classroom training, which is often more expensive for you and less convenient for your learners. Consider the benefits you could gain by transferring some of your content to an online format. Suppose you could reduce training time, for example, from a week of in-person training down to 1 or 2 days? What would that save you? Per person? Per day? Imagine your cost savings!

Are you curious to explore what digital learning can do for you? Get in touch. We have an experienced team with a proven global track record waiting to discuss your learning needs. Our expertise in multiple disciplines equips us to create a turnkey online learning solution that is custom designed for your unique situation.

Light Ten can help you:

• Strategize and actualize your learning vision • Design curricula and courses • Develop elearnings, podcasts, videos, and infographics • Develop a professional certification program • Determine your best, most cost-effective hosting solution • Assist you in running your learning and hosting solutions • Advise on marketing your offerings