Once we’re all on the same page, production begins. Here we generate your training program by working with our team of programmers, developers, graphic and video artists, audio specialists and transcriptionists.

Want to have an up to date development progress for each of your projects? For sure! You will also be assigned a project manager who will create a custom site for each project deliverable so you are aware of each part of the development process.

Some of the technology and software we use include:
- Articulate 360, Captivate, Adobe suite, Walk me
- Gotomeeting/Webinar, Adobe Connect, WebEx
- PPT, Keynote
- Spark, Vyond and more

One important thing about this stage is that we continue to collaborate and keep you in the loop. If there are sudden changes to the requirements of your project, we

While all this collaboration can slow things down, it ensures that the customer knows exactly what is happening throughout the process. If the designers come up with something that isn’t quite right, the instant feedback means that they can quickly change course.